What If?

You Created A Life That You Loved.....

What Would It Look Like?

Where Would You Go?

What Would You Be Doing?

How Would You Feel?

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Have you ever

wondered how

you got to be

where you are?

Do you have a sense

that there must be

MORE to life?

Do you feel like

others are in

charge of your


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Why Do People Stay In Jobs Where They Aren’t Happy?

Why Do People Stay In Jobs Where They Aren't Happy? Some of the answers to this question are: Responsibility - Money - Security Comfort - Convenient Fear of Failing It all comes down to FEAR!! FEAR OF CHANGE - FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN Until the pain of staying wherever we...

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What Creates Happiness?

ABOUT THIS VIDEO ****************************** What Creates Happiness? Some think money can make you happy, but it doesn't. It may act as a band-aid, but it is not a cure. We can look and act happy on the outside but feel a sense that something is missing. Happiness...

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We Can Run But We Can Not Hide

We can run but we can't hide. When the going gets tough, I want to run. The reason I want to run is because I don't like how I feel and I don't know what to do with my feelings. The problem with running is my feelings go with me. Something happens or someone does or...

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