What If?

You Created A Life That You Loved.....

What Would It Look Like?

Where Would You Go?

What Would You Be Doing?

How Would You Feel?

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Have you ever

wondered how

you got to be

where you are?

Do you have a sense

that there must be

MORE to life?

Do you feel like

others are in

charge of your


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Our World Is In Our Hands

Our world is in our hands. We are the ones that get to choose what kind of world we create. If we are happy, we create a happy world. If we are angry or resentful, we live in an angry resentful world. ANGER is an expression of FEAR. When we respond to anger with...

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Falling Apart Is Great!

Falling apart is OK! Actually falling about is not only OK, it's great. When we fall apart, we get to rebuild into something new and different. I don't know about you, but I have been so tired of trying to be someone that I am not. I didn't realize it, but for the...

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Do Something Different

The only way to get something different in our lives is to do something different! They say a sign of insanity, is to do the same thing over and over again hoping for a different outcome. It's easy for us to get stuck in the ordinary, the routine of our lives. It...

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